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Northern Writers - Sarah Hussain

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Wed, 30th Jan - 7.30pm (Ends 20:00)

Friends of Marsden Library present Sarah Hussain, who is a Huddersfield based author and educator. Her first novel ‘Escaped from Syria’ was a winner finalist in the People’s Book Prize Award and her short story collection ‘Sit up, Stand up, Speak up’ was released in 2017. In 2018 she won the Ms Shakespeare competition in Yorkshire and was commissioned to write a monologue, which was performed on International Women’s day. Sarah will be talking about her latest work, Sit Up, Stand Up, Speak Up: An Emotional Short Story Collection. Are you able to capture a thought and challenge it? We grow up with a set of beliefs and values, influenced by the society we grow up in. This collection of fictional stories invites you to explore your ideas and challenge your mind.