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Community Trust

Marsden Community Trust was formed in 2014 to investigate the viability of asset transfer of assets from council ownership into community ownership, with the first under consideration being Marsden Mechanics Institute.

The building was successfully transferred to Marsden Community Trust on 31 March 2017.
Members of the Board of Marsden Community Trust are:
Chair: Tom Lonsdale
Company Secretary: Mark Crowe
Treasurer: Jane Hurn

Diane Barkley
Sheila Bates
Gordon Bruce
Martin Collett
Mark Drury
Tom Lonsdale
Fiona Russell
Sharon Turner
Veronica Gabanski

If you would like to contact any of the Board members of Marsden Community Trust:
Mail: Marsden Mechanics, Peel Street, Marsden HD7 6BW, and it will be directed to the member you request.

Company Limited by Guarantee 9392970 Registered Charity Number 1168910